Chance of a Lifetime

Character: Irene Dunbar

Directed by: Deborah Reinisch

Written by: Mark Stein, Renee Longstreet

Produced by: Karen S. Shapiro

Cast Members: Stan Ivar, John Ritter, Kim Delgado, David Naughton

Released date: March 29, 1998

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Duration: 1h 30min

Irreverent freelance investigative reporter Tom Maguire hits rock bottom when bigot editor in chief Ivan refuses to print his pieces anymore and his bad back most be operated, but his health insurance just expired. Sympathetic editor Irene Dunbar, feeling guilty she didn't save his job, volunteers for a fake marriage so he can use her insurance. The 'happy couple' in now constantly beleaguered by her mother and an insurance inspector, while each has his own affairs, but the co-habitation also seems to generate meaningful affection.

Script developed by Never Enough Design