Following Tildy

Character: Connie St. John

Directed by: Jonathan Schmock

Written by: Kris McGaha, Ron Zimmerman

Produced by: Kris McGaha, Jonathan Schmock, Ron Zimmerman

Cast Members: Kris McGaha, Ron Zimmerman, Brian Dunkleman, Matt North, Samm Levine

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 10 min

Since bursting onto the music scene last year with her double platinum first album 'Pie On My Face', Tildy ST. John has become not just a full fledged phenomenon and household word, but a critics darling and social enigma as well. An astonishing feat for a major star let alone a 27 year old from Pickum, South Carolina who only two years ago was sleeping in a cardboard box in the back alleys of Detroit with her mother, Connie, and her Uncle Clutch, while playing guitar on the streets for spare change. On November 12th 2001, aspiring documentary filmmaker Griffin Mack began to capture the story of this elusive rising star. He never finished. These are those four days.


→ Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, Murder. And its only her first album.

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