Grand Hotel (Episodes Guide)
1.09 – Groom Service (August 12, 2019)
Directed by Elodie Keene | Written by Desta Tedros Reff

Alicia is ready to tell her family about Danny, but he wants to keep their relationship under wraps to prevent anyone from looking into his real identity. Jason is unhappy when Helen invites Ingrid to stay with the family, but he eventually softens to her. Santiago seeks out Teresa, Mateo’s mysterious superior who lent Santiago the money. She rebuffs his request to get out of their arrangement, and is furious over both his visit and Mateo’s sympathy for Santiago. The police detectives who handled Sky’s case are at the Riviera to investigate the accident at the Finn, and Danny tries to avoid them. One of the detectives was paid by Mateo to drop the Sky investigation, and the other recognizes Danny and agrees to work with him to find out what happened to Sky. Yoli and Carolina ambush Gigi with Felix, who tells his ex-wife that Santiago was the person who reported him to the FBI. Teresa’s minion Thomas beats Mateo and pushes him down the stairs. Danny and Alicia reveal their relationship to the family, just as Danny’s ex-girlfriend Heather checks into the hotel.
1.10 – Suite Little Lies (August 19, 2019)
Directed by John Terlesky | Written by Danny Fernandez

Danny is stunned to find Heather at the hotel, wanting to win him back. Alicia befriends Heather, unaware of who she is but is quite upset when she discovers Danny has been lying to her about being single. Santiago discovers Felix is at the hotel and is irate about Gigi hiding him. Theresa offers to forgive Santiago’s debt if he hands Felix over to them. Santiago warns Felix to get out of town but Felix goads him into a fight by suggesting Santiago killed Beatriz. After Santiago hits him, Felix uses it to claim to Gigi how unstable he is. After various antics, Javi convinces Jason to get with a cheerleader who’s part of a wedding party. Ingrid and Javi decide to keep their distance while Mateo (wanting to keep her safe) also insists Ingrid stay away from him. Danny shows his police ally a photo of Theresa, who she recognizes as a crime boss. Gigi helps Felix escape the hotel. Theresa tells Santiago she wants to stay there in her own office. Marissa confesses to Yoli that she’s an illegal alien. Danny comes clean at last to Alicia about being Skye’s brother and why he’s there and she fires him.
1.11 – Art of Darkness (August 26, 2019)
Directed by Nicole Rubio | Written by Bob Daily

Since Alicia can’t explain why she wants Danny fired, Helen lets him stay. Alicia makes it clear she’s not forgiving Danny for lying to her. Felix brings Gigi to a huge house as he reveals he’s hidden 50 million in an account in her name. Gigi drugs Felix, getting the code to clean out the account. Santiago courts Byron as a business partner, Byron agrees on the condition Carolina apologize. When Carolina comes to do so, they end up sleeping together. Ingrid is at first jealous of Jason’s new relationship with Vanessa but realizes Jason is better off without her. Santiago and Gigi offer money to Theresa to pay off the debt but she makes it clear she’s still going to use the hotel for a party. Javi and Alicia track down the hidden room Beatriz used to stay in. Santiago and Gigi realize the “art show” is a cover for Theresa selling women to bidders. Danny is wearing a wire for the cops who immediately raid the party with Mateo pulling Theresa out and later killing her. Yoli tells Gigi she and Skye used to hook up in the room which makes Gigi tear it apart for something Skye must have found.