Higglytown Heroes

Character: Policewomen Hero / Monica the Police Officer (voice)

Created by: Denis Morella, George Evelyn, Holly Huckins, Kent Redeker

Directed by: George Evelyn, Denis Morella

Written by: George Evelyn, Holly Huckins, Denis Morella

Cast Members: Kevin Michael Richardson, Dee Bradley Baker, Tim Curry

Released date: September 16, 2004

Episode(s) Number: 1x05, 1x09, 2x04, 2x11

Episode(s) Title: Great Un-Expectations/Snow Dazed, Smells Like a Mystery/Ship Ahoy!, Balloon-a-Palooza/Wayne's Day Out, Wayne's Day Out

Genre: Animation, Family

Duration: 30 min

Higglytown is full of everyday heroes like Mail Carrier Hero, Fireman Hero, and Bus Driver Hero. This inventive series taught children about their ever-growing environment in an entertaining way.

Script developed by Never Enough Design