Character: Dr. Ingrid Jones

Created by: Paul Abbott

Directed by: William H. Macy, Allison Liddi-Brown, Silver Tree, Zetna Fuentes, Loren Yaconelli, Roberto Sneider

Written by: Philip Buiser, Nancy M. Pimental, Molly Smith Metzler, Joe Lawson, Philip Buiser

Produced by: Philip Buiser, Molly Smith Metzler, Terri Murphy

Cast Members: William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Jeremy Allen White

Released date: October 17, 2018

Episode(s) Number: 9x05, 9x06, 9x07, 9x08, 9x09, 9x10, 9x11

Episode(s) Title: Black-Haired Ginger, Face It You're Gorgeous, Down Like the Titanic, The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Alibi, BOOOOOOOOOOOONE!, Los Diablos!, The Hobo Games

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Duration: 58 min

A scrappy, feisty, fiercely loyal Chicago family makes no apologies.

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