She Says She’s Innocent

Character: Susan Essex

Directed by: Charles Correll

Written by: Kathleen Rowell

Produced by: Philip K. Kleinbart

Cast Members: Jameson Parker, Robert Picardo, Alan Rachins, Amy Moore Davis

Released date: October 28, 1991

Genre: Drama

Duration: 1h 36min

Three teenage girlfriends get into a fight. Accidentally one of them gets killed. The two remaining girls promise each other to keep silent. As the police get more and more suspicious, the mother of one of the girls is crushed in a dilema: protect her daughter, or help justice take place?


→ Nothing can destroy a mother’s love…except maybe murder.
→ A brutal crime…a dead classmate…a missing killer…High school can be murder.
→ Jealousy… Passion… Betrayal… They all had a motive. She alone had the desire.
→ Who killed Vicky Gilmore?

Script developed by Never Enough Design