Sons of Anarchy (Season 1)
1.01 – Pilot (September 3, 2008)
Directed by Allen Coulter, Michael Dinner | Written by Kurt Sutter

A rival gang steals the Sons’ stockpile of assault rifles, while Jax’s ex-wife’s drug overdose leads to an emergency c-section and life-threatening surgery for their baby.
1.02 – Seeds (September 10, 2008)
Directed by Charles Haid | Written by Kurt Sutter

The club deals with the aftermath of their firearms warehouse attack as a new Deputy Chief of Police poses a new threat to SAMCRO.
1.03 – Fun Town (September 17, 2008)
Directed by Stephen Kay | Written by Kurt Sutter

When a daughter of a Charming family is assaulted during a carnival, SAMCRO seeks justice and races against authorities to capture the assailant.
1.04 – Patch Over (September 24, 2008)
Directed by Paris Barclay | Written by James D. Parriott

SAMCRO travel to Nevada to store their firearms with a fellow MC. Meanwhile the Mayans pose to be another threat.
1.05 – Giving Back (October 1, 2008)
Directed by Tim Hunter | Written by Jack LoGiudice

Gemma hosts a fundraiser, bringing back a familiar but not welcome face who has history with SAMCRO.
1.06 – AK-51 (October 8, 2008)
Directed by Seith Mann | Written by Nichole Beattie

With Clay in custody Jax has to step up as Piney’s old friend turns out to be a problem for the MC.
1.07 – Old Bones (October 15, 2008)
Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton | Written by Dave Erickson

As buried secrets resurface in Charming, Clay has to deal with them. Meanwhile the MC looks to earn some money via Half-Sack’s brawling.
1.08 – The Pull (October 22, 2008)
Directed by Guy Ferland | Written by Kurt Sutter, Jack LoGiudice

Samcro scrambles to raise cash as the IRA gun payment comes due. The Mayans and Nords take an extreme step to cement their alliance. And Jax finds himself in danger as his relationship with Tara deepens.
1.09 – Hell Followed (October 29, 2008)
Directed by Billy Gierhart | Written by Brett Conrad

SOA plans revenge on a rival biker club while hosting the wounded Cameron Hayes in the clubhouse. Meanwhile, Jax, Bobby, and Opie strive to clear the gun debt forever.
1.10 – Better Half (November 5, 2008)
Directed by Mario Van Peebles | Written by Pat Charles

As ATF agent Stahl pressures the women of SAMCRO, Jax looks to Chief Unser as the key to the club’s freedom. Tara can’t escape nightmares about Kohn. And Cherry reveals secrets about her past to Gemma.
1.11 – Capybara (November 12, 2008)
Directed by Stephen Kay | Written by Kurt Sutter, Dave Erickson

One SOA member is arrested for murder. Another goes missing. Jax has to choose between the club and one of his closest friendships. At the hospital, Abel grows stronger, but he’s not the only one coming home.
1.12 – The Sleep of Babies (November 19, 2008)
Directed by Terrence O’Hara | Written by Kurt Sutter

The club needs cash to fund Bobby’s defense, but Clay’s strategy leaves them in a vulnerable position. Abel comes home for the first time. But the homecoming party ends in tragedy.
1.13 – The Revelator (November 26, 2008)
Directed by Kurt Sutter | Written by Kurt Sutter

After a tragedy hits the club, the bonds of brotherhood are called into question and Jax must take a stand.