Trail of Tears

Character: Annie Cook

Directed by: Donald Wrye

Written by: Matthew Bombeck

Cast Members: Pam Dawber, William Russ, Jeffrey Nordling

Released date: October 9, 1995

Genre: Drama

Duration: 1h 36min

For Annie life is tough, she works all hours as a card dealer in a Reno casino and has to leave her children with her mum. To make matters worse her ex husband David is putting pressure on her over the children and one day decides to run off with them. In Lincoln, Nebraska lives Cheryl who finds herself dealing with the same problem when her ex-husband Michael decides to run off with their children. 6 months later Cheryl calls Annie having found her name from the missing children's network and despite being chalk n cheese hit the road together in search of their children.

Script developed by Never Enough Design