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Hello there, been a while I know. Life isn’t the easiest lately but I found some time to update the gallery with HD screencaptures of Katey Sagal in her guest episodes of Eli Stone. You can also find an up-to-date episodes guide of each episode she starred into. Enjoy!

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Hello there, I have now completed the gallery for “Sons of Anarchy” with season 7 HD screencaptures. Enjoy the over 4k photos of Katey Sagal as Gemma.

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Somehow, through the magic of streaming services and a devoted fandom, Matt Groening and David X. Cohen’s animated sci-fi comedy fave Futurama has found itself revived for the third time. “Magic” feels like an appropriate term to use for such a phenomenon, as the full cast is returning to bring the Planet Express back to life yet again, including current The Conners star Katey Sagal as the one-eyed heroine Leela.

You’d think that the ever-busy TV legend Katey Sagal might have been a bit tied up when this offer came in, even before the animated Married with Children revival talks hit, but not only did Sagal know she’d make it work, the decision to return was one of “the easiest” she could have ever made. During CinemaBlend’s interview with the estemed actress for Blumhouse/Epix’s country music horror film Torn Hearts, it felt like the right time to eventually dig into the subject of Futurama’s revival. Much as Katey Sagal dealt with gushing currents of blood, she couldn’t help but feel flooded with love for the series she helped make famous. As such, here’s what she told us about her decision to jump back into the Planet Express:

The best. The easiest. I love that job. I just did it yesterday. We recorded an episode and I just…it was so much fun. It’s just great, great writing, great characters. I’m never surprised when it’s rebooted, because it’s constantly rebooted. It has such a great fan base. Thank you to anybody who watches Futurama. I mean it’s really not a problem at all. And everybody just falls right in. We know what’s happening, so it was great. It’s been great. We’ve been – I think we’re doing like 18 of them this year.

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Paramount added a clip from Torn Hearts with Katey Sagal. Enjoy!

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Today I completed the screencaptures section of season six of Sons of Anarchy. Over 3k photos of Katey Sagal, enjoy!

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HD screencaptures and a video clip of Katey Sagal from latest episode of “The Conners” have been added to the site, enjoy!

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Torn Hearts star Katey Sagal speaks with Screen Rant about the horror film’s core themes, as well as her sense of empathy for her character.

Blumhouse Television and EPIX’s Torn Hearts tells an unsettling tale of an aspiring country music duo who enter their idol’s mansion only to find horror. The illustrious singer known as Harper Dutch mentors and the young singers Jordan and Leigh, though turmoil grows between the pair as they sense that something isn’t right.

Golden Globe-winner Katey Sagal, who has had a long as illustrious career from Married With Children to Sons of Anarchy and Futurama, portrays Harper, while Abby Quinn and Alexxis Lemire play Jordan and Leigh. The film also stars Shiloh Fernandez and Joshua Leonard.

Screen Rant interviewed Sagal on Torn Hearts‘ character dynamics and her ability to empathize with Harper.

Screen Rant: When we meet Harper Dutch, she’s living alone in her mansion and initially reluctant to work with Jordan and Leigh. For you, what changes in her mind that compels her to let them into her home?
Katey Sagal: Well, she’s pretty twisted. They’re huge fans, so she loves the adoration. She’s been living by herself basically for many years. When she hears that they’re a duo — she comes from a famous duo — so, I think she’s compelled to see what they’re doing. She doesn’t have any ulterior motives for letting them in — until later. So, she initially lets them in because they have fangirled her enough.

What was it like getting to play such an ill-intentioned character?
Katey Sagal: It was so much fun. First of all, I’ve never done a horror movie — and it was Blumhouse, so horror kings. I read the script and I thought, “Oh, this would be so much fun. I have never done anything like this,” and southern accent, the whole thing. So, that was really fun and there is some music in it,  which is a main interest of mine, so that was great. I just loved it.

Read the full article/interview in our press library.

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Katey Sagal is terrifying — but don’t worry, it’s just an act. When we sit down for our Zoom call on a sunny weekday afternoon, the Golden Globe-winning actress exudes the kind of warmth and whip-smart sarcasm that helped her become one of the America’s most beloved sitcom moms. It’s a stark contrast from Harper Dutch, the pathologically twisted country star she embodies in the Blumhouse thriller, “Torn Hearts.”

Sagal’s sprawling career has transcended genre, whether she’s playing a cartoon humanoid (see: “Futurama”) or a deranged therapist (see: “Shameless”). She rarely takes on the same role twice, and it’s part of what led her to a Golden Globe. Above all, the actress has a soft heart for playing characters with an edge, even if she can’t always relate. It’s the one thing, she explains, that gives her an outlet for the grittiest human emotions — and after a decades-spanning career in Hollywood, she’s probably felt a lot of them.

In this exclusive interview with The List, Sagal opens up about Hollywood’s notorious boy’s club, the pain of losing a castmate, and the infamous time she was fired by Bob Dylan. As it turns out, her secret to success is to just keep on going.

Katey Sagal’s advice for women hoping to make it in Hollywood

You have been in almost every section of the entertainment industry — from music, to acting, to voice acting. You’ve ignored casting directors who told you were never going to make it, and you’ve become so successful in what’s notoriously a boys’ club. I want to know if there’s any advice you would give to young women hoping to achieve the same type of success?

I could give my own personal experience, which is don’t give up — don’t! It takes a certain amount of self appreciation to stick with this. I started as a musician, and that was definitely a boys’ club, but I was determined to make a living and make my way. Plus, I had no other skill sets, so it was like, “This better work or I’m screwed.”

I started as a musician, and then acting came as a second thing. But then, I struggled through both of them. It’s like what I tell my kids — my older kids are both in the arts. You have to be part crazy to do this. … And then you have to have that [attitude] — you can’t give up. You have to really know, and you have to be able to handle rejection. You have to do a lot of self-work, so that you realize that you’re not what you do. That you are still viable, even though somebody’s not recognizing you or giving you a job.

The whole boys’ world thing is, I don’t know, it’s opening up a lot. And it’s something we have to deal with, but it’s getting easier and easier. I hope for younger women, it’s going to be not an issue. That’s what I hope.

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