• Dated: July 31, 2014   |   Duration: 03:32
    'Sons of Anarchy' star Katey Sagal talks to us about strong roles for women, and whether or not she believes Gemma is evil.
  • Dated: July 26, 2010   |   Duration: 03:24
    Katey Sagal discusses relationship progression in Sons of Anarchy Season 3 and new direction.
  • Dated: August 4, 2014   |   Duration: 48:43
    Sons of Anarchy Comic Con Panel with Sonf Anarchy cast Katey Sagal, Kim Coates, David Labrava, Niko Nicotera, Drea de Matteo, Mark Boone Junior, Tommy Flanagan, Theo Rossi, Dayton Callie, Jimmy Smits, creator Kurt Sutter & producer Paris Barclay.
  • Dated: July 30, 2014   |   Duration: 09:27
    Katey Sagal discusses the final season of Sons of Anarchy, Jax and Gemma's relationship, saying goodbye to the series, and whether her music will be in the final season. The interview took place at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.
  • Dated: August 10, 2012   |   Duration: 09:59
    Comic-Con: Sons of Anarchy's Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal at Comic-Con.
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