season 8

  • Dated: October 31, 2020   |   Duration: 05:14
    From Season 8 Episode 7 'Take My Wife, Please'. It's Halloween and Al has to face the Grim Reaper, who takes the form of Peg. Meanwhile, Peg, Bud, Kelly and Jefferson pose as the Village People at a local Halloween party.
  • Dated: December 4, 2020   |   Duration: 04:52
    From Season 8, Episode 1, 'A Tisket, A Tisket, Can Peg Make A Basket?' Al manages to get two prime tickets to a charity all-star basketball game. Al reluctantly takes Peg along even though she knows nothing about the sport. Peggy switches seats with Al and her seat is chosen for a $10,000 free throw contest. The Bundy curse continues when Peg misses the free throw.
  • Dated: October 1, 2021   |   Duration: 05:18
    From Season 8 Episode 12, 'A Little Off The Top'. Al is injured playing football with his friends and ends up in the hospital needing surgery. Due to a mix-up at the hospital, however, Al ends up receiving a circumcision.
  • Dated: April 26, 2021   |   Duration: 04:39
    From Season 8, Episode 4, 'Luck of the Bundys' Kelly is back as the Verminator, Bud is off to the frat house, and a run of good fortune convinces Al that the Bundy curse, dictating that every silver lining hides a thundercloud, is about to strike him down.
  • Dated: April 14, 2021   |   Duration: 04:16
    From Season 8, Episode 2, 'Hood 'N The Boyz'. Al is thrilled when his childhood friend asks for his help in dealing with a young thug and his gang who have been harassing her at the inner-city convenience store where she now works. But how does Al explain it to Peggy?
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