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Big update for episode four of The Conners with additional photo stills, some behind the scenes and HD screencaptures of Katey Sagal. I love seeing her in a wedding dress, honestly!

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Sorry for taking this long, here’s the screencaptures of Katey Sagal from third episode of The Conners.

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More screencaptures of Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller Morrow have been added to the gallery. Season 3 is now complete!

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Now the title is revealing of the big-day, but the synopsis doesn’t promise good. Read it and take a look to the two photo preview of Katey Sagal in the 4th episode of this season.

It’s Dan and Louise’s wedding day, but it’s a far-from-perfect walk down the aisle, especially when a weather report forecasts that a tornado is headed for Lanford creating chaos and surprises.

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Finally the time to add screencaptures from first episode (airing live) of The Conners that had our Katey Sagal in it. Enjoy!

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Season 4 of The Conners premiered with a live episode (…In Front Of A Fully Vaccinated Studio Audience), here are some behind photos and promotional stills of Katey Sagal.

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Have a first look at Katey Sagal from the second episode of season 4 that will start airing tomorrow September 22 on ABC.

Part of Becky’s recovery program mandates she make amends with people she has lied to over the years, leading her to meet up again with former high school friend Mikey to apologize for lying to him about her living a successful life. Meanwhile, Darlene visits with Pastor Phil, and Louise continues planning her wedding